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so confused
i have an open relationship and lately i have been meeting a lot of people like me.n i have 3 guys fight per say over me and i dont know what to do. i don't want to hurt anyone but im not a slut. i guess i can rule out one guy already because he was too pushy. but the other two are complete gentle men they are married too so there are no strings attached in that way.i am leaning toward tom i met him 1st and i think it would be disrespectful to be with the other guy too because they are friends. i don't know im so confused

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...what a tangled web you weave...

have fun with the nice ones, not the pushy ones. even though they are friends, i think they will understand, both coming from 'open' relationships and all. leave the pushy one out of it. you have more respect for yourself than taking on a backseat. backseats are for sluts on the first time. if you are with someone and goofing around, a backseat is okay, but to just meet someone and hop into one = sluttyness IMO

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