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long time no post
so here it is i am on a happy path in my life putting away my need to feed or at least i dont know that im doing it its been 3 weeks since i went to tranz i miss the place i cant wait to go back some day.i miss my kids and my friends i have been making new friends and they are going to be roommates by the 1st i have a good feeling about this. i get to keep my house i made new friends they are  mortals and they don't know i am a vampire. i have no idea how they would react if i told them i think i will wait a long while. im sitting here with my ex Tiffany she is getting the mail and visiting its cool. so you have choices in your life it just depends on which way you choose to pick. im single again  since a long time ago. i wish i ha d a way to trans on Friday WELL ENOUGH BABBLING FOR NOW GOTS TO GO . TALK TO TO SOON:)


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