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i have been a vampire my entire life but just recently awake. these are trying times. i have tried living on just blood or psi energy but i have to have both to sustain me. I wonder if there is anyone else out there like me. I enjoy being a vampire and wish everyone could know but the black veil holds me to a path of silence amount regular humans. I don't know if im human or not , but i most definitely know that i am a vampire. i have a group that i belong to and they are starting to bring my life some fulfillment. i am looking for other vampires that i can share my life with. my vampire experiences along with my human ones. I am in school to be a nurse so i am very busy with homework but never too busy for friends. if you want to know more about me write back and i will tell. do want some friends who are like me to talk to instead of this secret i have to keep.


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